What our clients say


"JO! My husband and I both think this experience has been incredibly constructive for my personal development and self-confidence.

I have discovered a new perspective for my body and figuring out how to dress it. At first I was a little anxious about how this would work, but your manner on the phone put me completely at ease. Then, your visit to my home and turning out my wardrobe - more fun than i would have imagined! Turning 45 seemed to create this feeling of invisibility and I think many women can relate to and now...you shared your tricks and tips and helped me find an easy, comfortable, uncomplicated way to coordinate my wardrobe, which will save me a lot of energy and expense. You are worth every penny and our shopping experience was fun and fabulous. Instead of feeling invisible I now receive lovely compliments daily! I look back on this as a turning point for my next chapter, thank you so much."


"Thank you so much for the body map info!

I have learned so much and now i am thinking about how to cultivate my new style sense.

I feel excited about this Jo. For the first time in my life (Crikey, it has taken me till 60!!) I feel like i have a clearer direction about what suits me and I actually feel I have a sense of what to look out for!

All thanks to you. You have a lovely, lovely beingness about you and your non -threatening, non -judgmental approach made it feel safe for me to be relaxed and enjoy the experience. Also now, i feel able and more confident about how to go about this style business! Yay!"


"I didn't really know where to start or that I needed to.  The advice you gave us was something, I think, all women should have the opportunity to do this. Joanne you are an amazing person, you are so fun, bubbly, down to earth, real and I, and I'm sure the others, were very comfortable with all your advice.  It is great to see someone so passionate about what they do and enjoy it so much.  
This has been an awesome experience which I have enjoyed and learnt more than I ever thought I would, I will be sorting my frustrated wardrobe out, and not be so scared of looking ab fab."


"The whole experience with haircut, make up and clothes transformation was like something from a TV programme. I felt like star on the day of my photo shoot. I can't wait to get my photo and put it on the wall. All my friends and family love "new me". And everybody is commenting on my transformation.

Now I will try to apply your advice in my everyday life!"


"I have learnt so much throughout this whole experience. I now know how to dress in a way that highlights all the good things about my body. The whole makeover has made me more confident and happy with the way I now look. It was such a fun and rewarding experience"


"Hey Jo, the simple answer is that I loved last night!  I have told quite a few girls here at work and it is amazing how many people actually don't have confidence in how they look and what they are wearing.  Thank you for allowing us the time to build our confidence in you before launching into the individual work.  The way you structured the evening gave us (well, at least me) time to 'trust' you."


"To Joanne, thank you very much for all your helpful advice with regards to my wardrobe, fashion sense and makeup.

I have never really enjoyed shopping for clothes. For me, it was very tiresome as I found it hard to find clothes that fitted well.  You have introduced me to stores that cater for my size and taste.  I am delighted with my new styles and colours.  I would never have bought a denim jacket without your encouragement.  Since wearing it, I have received a number of positive comments.  I have since been out clothes shopping on my own and for the first time in ages I have had a lot of fun. 

Your friendly and expert advice has renewed my confidence and self-esteem.  Thank you again."


"Hi Jo, thank you so much for all your notes and all the wonderful help you gave us yesterday.  I think for me the biggest thing I took away from it is how important accessories are!  I bought some beautiful aqua/green beads and two bangles. One wooden and one silver... and I LOVE them!

It's so good to know what suits and what to avoid.  I can now go shopping with much more confidence.  I was on a shopping buzz all day yesterday!  Ha-ha My husband loves what I came home with and was surprised at how much I had bought on a tight budget.   

Yeah - I can see we're going to have a lot of fun with this

THANKS AGAIN, can't tell you how much we appreciate it."


"What an awesome morning!  You are an inspiration and I had great fun! 

You made me feel so relaxed it was like having my best friend in the room..."


"Thanks Jo, I had such a great day yesterday, I feel like a different person!!!!  My hubby was very impressed with the results and told me I was extremely HOT!!!!!!! 

I went to work today feeling fabulous and instead of crying because I had nothing to wear I spent half an hour trying to decide between all my fab clothes and couldn't decide because I had so many options - very cool!!!!!!  as I flounced into the office I found it very hard to smile and say "thanks" when I really wanted to say "you are damn right I look good and I am now far too posh to talk to you fashion misfits!!!"

Thanks again - I am singing your praises to anyone who will listen, already had 5 people ask for your number... I think you will need to start paying me commission!!!!!!!!"

Belmont Primary School - Rebecca

"On behalf of Belmont Primary I would like to say a huge thank you for making our ‘Ladies night” such a huge success. You were a star! And the punters are still talking!

One teacher turned up today in her ‘Ikes’ shawl draped as a cardy with a belt….very sassy

Everyone I have spoken to thought you were fantastic and had a great time so put us down as a referrer for any other schools thinking of having a style night"

Westminster Christian School – Stephanie

"Your talk was so much more than just clothes, make-up and outward appearance and you did an amazing job with the model we gave you. To see someone look 20 years younger right before your eyes was just incredible!

Words cannot express just how grateful we feel!"

Albany Primary School - Jan

"Well, what can we say….but THANK YOU for an incredible night informing, entertaining, educating, entertaining and entertaining!!"

Huapai District School - Toni

"Your inspiration, your time, and your humour were genuinely invaluable. We are still having women approach us to say what an enjoyable and empowering evening they had."

E.M.A – 3rd Annual Administration Professionals Conference

Thank you so much for presenting at our Annual Administration Professionals Conference. We truly appreciated your time and your expertise in presenting at this conference.

You were the top speaker of the day with an overall score of 4.8/5 which is an outstanding result. The delegates clearly enjoyed your session and found it hugely informative.

Look at some of the wonderful verbatim comments below:

“Her presentation was fabulous! I’m trying to arrange with HR to book her for a presentation to the women in our office. Very encouraging, uplifting, humorous as well as factual!”

“Really loved your presentation Joanne, could relate to it and you spoke like a true professional!”

“110% excellent – what a presenter. She had the audience eating out of her hand before she even reached the middle of the stage.”

“Motivational, relatable, dynamic presenter. I could have doubled the time with Joanne – what a wonderful lady!”