It can be as easy as 1,2,3,4

Most people need to start with Steps 1 through 4 but we recognise everyone is different and can cater for your specific needs if you feel you need something different.


Step 1: Getting to know you – no charge (up to ½ hour)

No matter what you decide to do with us; we need to get to know you. This complimentary session done over the phone or in person (whichever suits you) will help us understand:

  • What’s motivating your desire to change or reconnect with yourself
  • Your Personality, likes & dislikes and Image & Lifestyle profile
  • How we can work best together and what you would like us to do for you.

Step 2: Personal Image & Style Consultation - $330 (up to 3 hours)

Discover your style and how to dress for your body & lifestyle; learn simple guidelines & techniques so you can look fantastic all the time and the take the guess work out of making good clothing choices.

This Consultation (normally at your home) covers:

  • Understanding your body shape - Your Body Map
  • Camouflaging & Highlighting - Techniques that make the best of your figure
  • Discovering your style & how to make it fit your lifestyle
  • Wardrobe overview – a brief look at what you’ve got and what gaps you have

PLEASE NOTE: You will be given written notes & visuals of everything we cover in this session as a handy personalised reference guide.


Step 3: Wardrobe Edit $110 per hour

Re-Vamp, Declutter and Reorganise your wardrobe; nearly everyone wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. If you’re overwhelmed with what you’ve got in your wardrobe, we can help you work out what to part with and how to make what’s left work for you.


Step 4: Personal Shopping & Styling - $110 per hour

Make great clothing investments and shop successfully; we’ll work with your body shape and within your budget to help you build a wardrobe that is:

  • Multi-functional and multi-seasonal
  • Well-coordinated and versatile
  • Integrated with your existing wardrobe

See our testimonials to see what others had to say about their experience with us.

Make-Up: Application of Make-up Consultation - $220 (2 hours)

Learn the secrets and techniques Professional Make-up Artists use so that you can quickly and artfully enhance your natural beauty. This 2 hour session covers the creation of a natural day make-up, a glamorous evening look and leaves you with face charts to give you a reference guide that outlines the colours and products used.

Grooming for Business - POA

Look the part, feel the difference

Style Sense can tailor a package to work with your established business or corporate grooming guidelines or help to create a standard for your organisation.

We can work with individuals in your organisation or your whole team to assist them to “look the part”, building personal brand, professionalism and creating success for your business.

Events by Style Sense – POA

Being memorable get results

Joanne Donson is an experienced presenter who approaches the subject of image & self-improvement with sensitivity and humour helping you create an event that is unique and memorable for all who attend. A package can be tailored to cater for any audience no matter how big or small. 

Why not get Style Sense involved in your next..

  • Fund Raising, create a unique event with a memorable difference
  • Small Party Group, host a night out for your friends on Image & Style
  • Seminar, the importance of Image & Style can be applied to any organisation

See our testimonials to see what others had to say about their experience with us.

Vouchers for any of the services that Style Sense provides can be prepared on request and beautifully packaged for any occasion.

"What price do you put on your personal wellbeing?"

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