Our Approach

We aim to make your experience with us more than just a one dimensional makeover…

….Helping you to uncover your own sense of style through a personalised Image Consultation, which provides a solid foundation to ensure the success of each makeover.

Image Consultation is really an education process that provides you with the ability to create a wardrobe by using simple guidelines, which makes the best of your body shape to present an image that is truly a reflection of your unique personality.

When we work with you we want to ensure that you:

  • Have fun as you discover your own Style and the skills to make great clothing choices.
  • Create an enduring style that truly reflects your personality and communicates success to others.
  • Love the skin you’re in and feel great about yourself at the end of the process.
  • Create a multi-functional & multi-seasonal wardrobe where each piece of clothing co-ordinates with others.
  • Save Time & Money by applying easy guidelines that show you exactly what to buy to suit your body shape to prevent those impulse buys that never get worn.
  • Stay within your chosen budget, making every purchase count.
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What else does Style Sense do?

Although the core business of Style Sense is working with individuals on the subject of Image; groups both large and small can also be catered for as Joanne Donson is an experienced and accomplished public speaker who approaches the subject of Image with passion and enthusiasm.

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