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Welcome to Style Sense

Feel great about yourself and invest in the opportunity of looking fabulous...

With a makeover from Style Sense we will show you that discovering and creating your own style isn’t an accidental process; Image is not an art but a science that is based on simple rules that are determined by your unique body shape and personality.

How we dress is the ultimate form of self expression that visually defines who we are as individuals and influences the opinions people form in the first 5 seconds when they meet us….for this reason it’s important that we get it right to ensure personal success….

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

img_number5.png Questions to help discover whether you are ready for a Makeover
Your True Reflection
Get Noticed
Have Courage
Transcend Excuses
Invest Wisely

If you have decided that you need a change and would like an objective professional view to ensure that your money is well spent to update or reinvent your wardrobe then an Image Consultation and Makeover session from Style Sense is an investment that you won’t regret!

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“Dare to be different ... It is better to be  ‘looked over’ than ‘overlooked’!”

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